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#Türkiye Ziraat Odaları Birliği Marmara Bölge Toplantısı

Dr. Pakdemirli, during his speech at the Turkey Union of Chambers of Agriculture Marmara region meeting, said that, they realized the first meeting in Aydin and listened to the problems and expectations of them.

Since he is appointed, they have been trying to respond to any demand from the producers. Pakdemirli said the objective is to perform visits to the 81 provindes.

Dr. Pakdemirli stated that, in 24 June, they got rid of the country's energy wasting parliamentarian system and through the new system Turkey has got rid of the shackles and paved way to speed, high added value and production.

"Total vegetable products' export in Marmara is close to $ 1 billion"

Marmara Region, both as stating that Turkey has one of the most productive areas in terms of climate, land and soil structure, Dr. Pakdemirli said: "The total amount of vegetable exports in the Marmara region is close to 1 billion dollars today. This value corresponds to 15 percent of our total exports. The production of field crops of the provinces in the Marmara Region is 15 million tons, fruit production is 1,8 million tons and vegetable production is 4,6 million tons. Marmara Region is one of our indispensable regions in production" he said.

Dr. Pakdemirli said that the National Unity in Agriculture Project in the coming days will be promoted and expressed that in particular, the aim is to increase agricultural output and to beacome a self-sufficient country.

He said agriculture is a strategy and planning job. H.E. Pakdemirli said:

"We are carrying out every work in a planned and programmed way. We have to combine agriculture with technology. We put our work on this issue in a fast way. In the previous periods animal husbandry was planned without separating meat and milk. There is a production surplus in milk and shortage in meat. Turkey doesn't have any shortage by means of total protein. If the consumer preference favors fish and poultry meat that Turkey woudn't have any problems about meat. However, since our citizens prefer red meat we have a problem about meat today. This needs time because this is a structural problem. By the end of 2021, I hope we will recover from being a country that imports meat. "

Dr. Pakdemirli, agricultural land is insurance for the welfare of the country, and these areas should not be left empty, said: "We have to plant them."

"Local products ratio in the markets should be 25 percent"

H.E. Pakdemirli pointed to the need to prevent the product losses during the food chain from field to the table. H.E. Pakdemirli, said:

"The product is 1 lira in the manufacturer, becomes 4 liras in the consumer. We have to find ways to reduce losses up to 50% and eliminate these inefficiencies. Law works continues, but the significant amount of trade in the country is now passing through the national chain markets. If the citizen in the district of Izmir produces something in his field, he should be able to sell his goods at the branch of the national chain market where chain stores have to place 1% local and geographical marked product on the shelf as a statutory requirement. In this way, it is also possible to enrich the local economy. Chain stores need to make more space available to the local producer on the shelves.

Dr. Pakdemirli also pointed out the need to protect and use native seeds. "We have local tomato and potato species. I hope they will soon be using them. " he said.

The National Unity in Agriculture Project, which will be announced soon, aims to increase the agricultural national product by 35-50 per cent. Pakdemirli, "We have started the process of renting agricultural land to our farmers. If our farmer wants, he will be able to buy this land after 10 years."

"10 percent discount on 50 products in 5 stores for 2 months"

Given that agriculture is very important and adequate supply of water for expressing that bit of water projects in Turkey in 2023, Dr. Pakdemirli, "Today's conditions and investment opportunities are taken into consideration, but this seems to be a little longer, but we try to find ways of realizing this job with non-budgetary resources. We know that the success of our Ministry depends on the completion of water projects. If you want to increase agricultural output, you need to open this 2 million hectares. When you open 2 million hectares, your minimum value added will be 15 billion liras."

Minister Pakdemirli, under the leadership of the Treasury and Finance Minister Berat Albayrak, under the "Total Combat with Inflation" programme, especially concerning the agricultural returns, and many products that affect the last price of the consumer who have managed to receive significant discounts, as a result of negotiations with chain markets, Carrefour, Bim, Şok , Migros and Metro Market, in 50 products there will be 2-month reduction of 10 percent he said.

In this process, each private institution, organization and union should help said that Dr. Pakdemirli and continued:

"Turkey has no problems on the public finances. Overall, despite the continuing lack of problems in any of the basic indicators, we see a movement in particular foreign currency rates with operations starting in London. There is a descent after the peak. We really need to combat. "