24.10.2018 / Gösterim Sayısı : 464


Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli stated that 4th group has been evaluated as part of IPARD-II (Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance on Rural Devolepment) 3rd call and 226 projects have been approved. He said "We grant 140 million Liras for these projects. 300 million Liras will be invested in rural areas thanks to grants.

Minister Pakdemirli attended the meeting held at the TKDK (Agricultural and Rural Development Support Agency) through announcement of results for the 3rd call of the supports granted by the TKDK within the scope of the IPARD (Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance on Rural Devolepment)".

Pakdemirli said "We stand by entrepreneurs who invest, create new jobs and provide added value to the country. We introduced EU grant aids in 42 provinces to investors as part of IPARD through TKDK."

Pakdemirli informed that "TKDK continues to support investments in 16 different sub-sectors. The percentage of grant provided to investments is between 40 percent and 70 percent."

 "We aim to create new employment opportunities for 7 thousand people"

Pakdemirli said "Grant support of 3.6 billion Liras has been provided to 13 thousand 945 projects in last 7 years. An investment of 9 billion Liras in rural areas was made and 60 thousand new employment opportunities were created thanks to these grants."

Pakdemirli emphasized that "4th group has been evaluated as part of IPARD-II 3rd call and 226 projects have been approved. He continued as follows:

"We grant 140 millon Liras in these projects. 300 million Liras of investment will be made in the rural areas thanks to these grants. Thus, within the scope of IPARD-II 3rd call, along with the 4th Group that we have announced today, the number of projects that was granted has reached to 2 thousand 132, amount of grant to be provided to 655 million Liras and the amount of investment to be generated by these grants to approximately 1.3 billion Liras in the last two months. We aim to employ for 7 thousand new jobs in these facilities that we grant."

 "We plan to increase grant rates"

Emphasizing that they plan to increase the grant rates in investments of animal husbandry which are 40 percent, within the scope of the IPARD Program, Pakdemirli said "Within this context, negotiations with the European Commission have started. We are working on new regulations to minimize the effects of possible price fluctuations in purchases of machinery and equipment in investments to investors."

Reminding that they provide an opportunity for small-scale investors to prepare a project on free of charge, Pakdemirli continued as follows:


"We are reducing bureaucracy for small-scale investments. Small investors with an eligible expenditure of less than 150 thousand Liras are exempted from insuring its business for five years. By this way, the investor will save on 3 thousand 500 Liras in five years. Small investors are also discharged from submitting to a letter of loan intent required for pre-financing of small investors. The statement of our producer will be considered as enough."

Emphasizing that they will continue to support for the establishment of modern, sustainable and competitive agricultural enterprises according to European Union standards. Pakdemirli stated that there will also be new calls