5.5.2016 / Gösterim Sayısı : 30413

National and global cooperation is needed for sustainable development

Minister of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Mr. Faruk Çelik stated that Turkey not only produce food for its own population but also contributes to global food security in terms of essential food products. For achieving sustainable development goals, national and global cooperation is needed. Otherwise, political and social crisis experienced in several areas of World could go beyond the borders, breaking the peace in the World, he added.

30th Session of FAO Regional Conference for Europe and Central Asia has started in Antalya.

Delivering a speech in the opening ceremony, Minister Faruk Çelik referred to the critical period of political, economic and social unrest in the World and in the region.  Minister Çelik talked about the problems of hunger and obesity in the World in his speech.  This meeting sets a goal to eliminate hunger in the World by 2030 and international organizations such as FAO bear the responsibility to struggle against hunger and poverty.

"Food access is a key for international peace"

"Main agenda of G20 Meeting of Agriculture Ministers covered food waste and losses. In the meeting, a technical platform was established for measuring and minimizing food loss and waste", Minister Çelik said. He also talked about the agricultural production, arable lands in the world, need for innovation and R&D activities for increasing productivity in agriculture, as well as international cooperation and governmental support against risks thereof.

Minister Çelik informed the guests about Turkish agriculture including agricultural production, agricultural income, agricultural export, contribution to global food security. Referring to the 2016 International Year of Pulses announced by FAO, Minister Çelik expressed the importance of pulses for life.   

FAO Director General Mr. Silva

FAO Director General Mr. Graziano Da Silva stated that regional conferences constitute an important part for management structure of FAO. In this way, they could handle the issue of global food security in several regions and designate priorities.  

Referring to the awareness of FAO on the importance of food and agriculture in terms of sustainable development goals, Mr. Silva added that non-governmental organizations, research organizations, universities and regional organizations should work together for eliminating poverty and malnutrition.

Mr. Silva expressed his pleasure on the adoption of two partnership program between Turkey and FAO. Mr. Silva also appreciated Turkey's attitude towards Syrian refugees. FAO will continue to support them, he said.

In the conference, products made of stale bread and pulses were exhibited. Minister Çelik tasted the products and served to Director General of FAO.

Minister Çelik chairs the sessions

In the afternoon, Agricultural Minister Meeting chaired by the Minister Çelik was held. In the meeting, priority issues and regional and global policies were discussed.

Regional Conference for Europe and Central Asia was attended by 54 countries including Turkey and will end on Friday.