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#Enflasyonla Topyekün Mücadele Kamuoyu Tanıtım Toplantısı #Enflasyonla Topyekün Mücadele Kamuoyu Tanıtım Toplantısı

Introduction Meeting of "All-Out War" on Inflation announced by Treasury and Finance Minister Berat Albayrak was held with the participation of Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank, Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli and the representatives of business world.

During his address to the audiences, Minister Pakdemirli expressed that the world's population and urbanization will increase and more production will be needed in 2050. There will be a difficult homework for everyone in the future, stated Pakdemirli.

Minister Pakdemirli (PhD) stated this difficult homework should be done while struggling with migration.

"The first and foremost thing is the security of food supply. Food supply security comes into prominence when economic mobility is fast. Our Ministry has two duties: one to protect the producer and the other to protect the consumer. These two difficult duties were assigned to our ministry at the same time. We are both trying to do as good as we can. The whole chain from the seed to the table have to be protected by us. We are also in contact constantly with the Ministry of Trade in this regard. We are looking for ways to eliminate all kind of things that result in ineffectiveness from seed to table and to deliver food to consumers at the cheapest price. As the minister of our country who is aware of the conditions of village and villagers, you should put something in your saddlebag and we filled the saddlebag."

Pakdemirli stated Ministry has regulatory bodies. "Certainly, the free market economy will operate, but sometimes we will ensure food supply security with the regulatory bodies.

Pakdemirli said that the Institution of Meat and Milk sells minced meat for 29 Liras and meat cubes for 31 Liras at 13 thousand selling points, these sales continue with some specific markets and that the low-income people will continue to buy meat from these selling points at a cheap and accessible price.

"Çaykur has not raised the price since 2017 and no increase in the future."

Minister Pakdemirli said that Çaykur has not raised the prices since 2017 and will not make any increase and he continued as follows:

"We have made 15 percent discount for fertilizer recently and we discussed with Gübretaş and this company will make 10 percent discount on 35 types of products as of today. TARKIM A.Ş. will also apply up to 10 percent discount in 30 types of products for plant protection as of today. Working on mixed animal forage, we fulfill the fodder requirements of our farmers approximately 10 percent below the market prices. I would like to thank the Association of Animal Forage Manufacturer. After talking with them yesterday, they took the same decision. All contracts in foreign currency, which were made by Agricultural Credit Cooperatives in imported products, were converted into Turkish Lira. As of today, Bereket Sigorta AŞ has made an additional 10 percent discount on insurance, housing, workplace, farm and other conventional agricultural insurance premiums for farmer partners of Agricultural Credit Cooperatives by the end of the year."

Minister Pakdemirli said IMECE Plastik Tarım Ürünleri A.Ş. made 10 percent discount for irrigation products. Pakdemirli stated that we increased the subsidies from 5 kuruş to 10 kuruş per kilogram to ensure the security of barley and wheat supply and to prevent inflation and we are expecting to increase the production.

Pakdemirli stated that Turkish Grain Board sells varieties of rice below 20-40 percent of the market's retail prices and it would continue. "As of today, 10 percent discount will be applied for 10 types of products produced by Institution of Meat and Milk. Directorate of Atatürk Forest Farm also made 10 percent discount for the 14 types of products. As your friend from the food market, I met one-on-one with all our chain stores. They said they decided to make 10 percent discount for 50 products for 2 months."

"We do not allow the profiteer and the stockiest to grab the income of citizens not for now but for future"

Pakdemirli said they create an important consciousness about the regulation of the markets. "We do not allow the profiteer and the stockist to grab the income of citizens not for now but for future. Turkey stands upright against the attack for economic independence. There is not an economic crisis in Turkey, according to me. There is manipulation about the economy in Turkey. We have to show our national stance together. We trust ourselves as a nation. We are strong together. We will win victory in the economy. I travel in Turkey and abroad constantly. Our matter is to find investors for our country. We discuss with essential investors about agriculture. Their confidence in us is more than what we trust ourselves. Our country looks in good condition to invest in our country from abroad. We need to attract investors from abroad. We are seeking for finding investors related to our business in every field."